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Delgado Coating & Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a Spin-Off from the academic counter part and an inspiration from my research career. One of the agendas of the company is to promote and popularize the versatile Spray Pyrolysis /Ultrasonic Spray coating method which has potential capability for coating Compound Semiconductors, TCO's, Quantum dots and Nanostructure's. 


A complete Nano & Thin Film Coating Solution using Spray Pyrolysis

Product launched on 6th April 2019 by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Secretary, Defence Prodution, DRDO at Maker Village during Hardtech 2019

Advanced Spray coater - "A machine for the future"

New Product


ZnO quantum dots grown on glass substrate using Spray Pyrolysis

Ultrasonic Spray Coater insatalled at DEBEL, DRDO, Bengaluru

Inside view of Ultrasonic Spray Coater




Spray Pyrolysis Method.

Spray pyrolysis is a simple process in which thin films are deposited by a solution sprayed on a pre-heated substrate, where the constituents react to form a thin film compound. Spray Pyrolysis is one of the versatile techniques that can be used for large area thin film deposition. Using Spray Pyrolysis method binary, ternary and quaternary compound Semiconducting thin films, Nanoparticles/Quantum dots, Metal oxides thin films, Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCO's) can be coated that are used in optoelectronic devices. This method is being employed for large area coloured decorative coatings during the manufacturing of glass.

Despite of more than 20,000 papers published in the last two decades on Coating of thin films using Spray Pyrolysis, the process of Spray Pyrolysis is not yet matured to be used for the industrial application and/or fabrication of Opto-electronic devices. The main reason that pulls back Spray Pyrolysis from the main stream of industrial application is the issue related to the inhomogeneity & reproducibility of the results, due to the lack of precise control over the process variables and non-use of common apparatus/accessories for heating the substrate, generation of aerosol (spray nozzle/atomizer), aerosol size, ambient conditions, human errors, etc. Our research proved that even the variation in the speed of exhaust fan connected to the Spray Pyrolysis effects the end result.  


At Delgado, we designed Spray Pyrolysis machine with utmost care and precision to overcome the issues regarding inhomogeneity and reproducibility. Maintaining a admissible aerosol size range, substrate temperature, accurate distance between the atomizer and the substrate, a clean and controlled ambient inside the spray chamber are few basic experimental practice to overcome reproducibility issues. In the specially designed chamber of our newly invented Advanced Spray Pyrolysis Machine we tried to incorporate feature that help researchers to maintain and monitor uniform experimental condition.