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Inspired from research​

Delgado Coating & Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a Spin-Off from the academic counter part, where the Company Director conducted his Doctoral and Postdoctoral research.  Inspiration from my research career drove me to constitute a Start-up especially to popularize the versatile Spray Pyrolysis method and market the Spray Pyrolysis machine. The start-up initially incubated at center for Innovation, Technology Transfer & Industry Collaboration (CITTIC), an Incubator at CUSAT. Later the Start-up got opportunity to be featured at Maker Village, Technology Innovation Zone, KINFRA Hi-Tech Park, Kochi, Kerala, India 683503.

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Objective of the Company
  1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, fabrication, trading and marketing of specialized scientific equipment’s such as spray pyrolysis machine, Ultrasonic Spray coating machine, nanotechnology equipment’s, semiconducting and transparent conductive thin film coatings and provide chemical engineering solutions and services.

  2. Consultancy services for research/industry in connection with Coatings of thin film compound semiconductors, nanoparticle, quantum dots, TCO’s etc. using Spray Pyrolysis method.

​Spray Pyrolysis / Ultrasonic
Spray coating Machine

Spray Pyrolysis / Ultrasonic Spray coating Machine is one of our products among the specialized scientific equipment that we promote & market. Spray pyrolysis machine is used for coating thin films of compound semiconductors/metal oxides, nanoparticles that can be used in various optoelectronic devices and for coloured decorative glass coatings. We at DELGADO recognized huge drive towards the adoption of Spray Pyrolysis method  by leading R & D centers/institutes and Universities working on material science worldwide on the basis of numerous publications in scientific journals based on Spray Pyrolysis (20,000 publication in the last 20 years). Major works reported were using home made Spray Pyrolysis Set-up, without automation, which has issues regarding repeatability/reproducibility. Hence this particular method, Spray pyrolysis is not matured enough for industrial scalable production of compound semiconductor or metal oxide thin films. To tackle repeatability/reproducibility issues an advanced Spray Pyrolysis machine has been designed & developed during 2014 (before the inception of the company) through the research fund received from Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB-fast track project), Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. With the introduction of the machine developed herewith, which reduces the repeatability issues, one could expect a huge Technological and Industrial impact. Research output obtained during the past 3 years at the laboratory where the SERB fast track project was implemented, proved that compound semiconductor and TCO coatings obtained using this machine has better quality and reproducibility in comparison with the experiment conducted using conventional Spray Pyrolysis machine or homemade set-up at ambient conditions. Systematic research work using the newly invented machine by the R & D centers/institutes and Universities will lead us TOWARDS COST EFFECTIVE COMPOUND SEMICONDUCTOR THIN FILM COATINGS in the near future.

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